I worked at Bally Sports as a junior graphic designer where I had the opportunity to create graphics and animations for live broadcasting and network branding.
Sharp Shooters
I worked as the lead designer for this project, Sharp Shooters. I developed the logo design, storyboard, lower third, bumps, and indicators. I worked with a motion designer who brought the storyboard to life.
Programs used: Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects
Marketing Graphic Concepts
I developed graphic concepts of the NHL teams, Tampa Bay Lightning and Carolina Hurricanes, during the Playoffs 2021 for the Bally Sports Marketing team.
Programs used: Photoshop
4th of July Package
Design concepts/mockups for the holiday.
Programs used: Photoshop
Marketing Graphic Concepts
9/11 logo designs + bug animation mockups.
Programs used: Illustrator, After Effects
The Caddie
I designed a new logo for the show, The Caddie, and worked with a 3D artist who made it into 3D.
Programs used: Illustrator
Bally Sports App Promo
Promo animation of the Bally Sports App to sit on the Bally bar.
Programs used: Photoshop, After Effects
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